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Sadly right

Yesterday’s editorial in The Jakarta Post is sadly right: Parliament is supporting religious persecution of the Ahmadiyah religious sect


PKS and PAN win the governorship of West Java

West Java is the most populous of Indonesia’s 33 provinces. On Sunday gubernatorial elections were held in the province with a somewhat surprising result. According to Indonesian Survey Institute polls, the ‘HADE pair’ Ahmad Heryawan and Dede Yusuf from the Prosperous Justice Party and National Mandate Party, respectively, have won almost 40 per cent of the vote. Incumbent governor Danny Setiawan from Golkar came second with his running mate, Agum Gumelar.

Generally the turn-out for the election was low, only some 35 per cent of the voters, so the party who could move their supporters all the way to the voting booth had a strong hand. Opinion polls prior to the elections had found a much stronger support for Golkar and PDI-P than the final result.
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A dull file…

"Politics is a dull file which cuts gradually and slowly arrives at its end.” (Montesquieu)

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