Conspiracy update

Right, of course: The Ahmadiyah Islamic sect was REALLY an attempt by the British to rule India, and continues to be aimed at undermining Islam from within. At least, so says the head of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia, MUI in West Sumatra, Buya Masoed Abidin. Unfortunately this is not a suprising stance of Abidin.

At the same time, the president of LBH Political and Legal Struggle, Aldian Pinem, states that the Geert Wilders movie “Fitna” was an attempt to create the impression that all violence in the world was caused by Muslims. Yes, I suppose that was the purpose of Wilders’s film, and yes he should be criticised for this. Shall we leave it there, then? According to Mr. Aldian, no. As Patung reports at IndonesiaMatters, Aldian recommends that Wilders ‘be put to death for his lies’!

Patung, whom I copied the material from, has the full report here. Sigh.


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