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The Unlucky Smuggler

My friend Tora works at the Museum of Taxes and Tariffs in Copenhagen. (Yes, we actually have such a one). I still have yet to get my own private tour of the museum, but I am looking much forward to it. As many will know, the history of taxing and tariffs is not only fascinating in itself; it is also important for understanding the making of modern states; how it ever came about, this extensive welfare-transfer state of ours, with warts and all.

A core problem for developing countries is to develop mechanisms of taxation and representation. Those things don’t come into being just like that. Therefore, an important body of scholarship, one example of which is to be found here, seeks to understand what determines various systems, and what the effects of those systems are. One way to better understand the processes involved is to study the history of taxing and tariffs in a more developed country. And one way of doing that, of course, is to go to… the Museum of Taxes and Tariffs. Continue reading ‘The Unlucky Smuggler’


A dull file…

"Politics is a dull file which cuts gradually and slowly arrives at its end.” (Montesquieu)

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